Crate of Curios part 2

Time for another dispatch of the weird and wonderful things I’ve come across on the internet this week. So let’s dive right in.

  1. Frida Kahlo’s love letter to Diego Rivera from her hospital bed while waiting to have her leg amputated. The presence of mind she has while facing the most hideous health issues is simply extraordinary.
  2. The family of puma Messi from Russia, now also has a new cheetah called Gerda. It is unbelievable how tame and friendly such a big cat can be and absolutely fascinating how they are slowly introducing her and Messi who they’ve raised since cub.

3. Anyone interested in old recipes might have despaired over the cooking temperature descriptions at one point or another – stress no more, as here is a handy little chart that converts it into temperature ranges that work with modern ovens.

4. A poetic drawing by Olivia de Recat showing our life trajectories together with others that cross our ways.

5. Art is not always in the service of good as these designs of prison cells by Alphonse Laurencic, a French architect, veritably show. He used techniques and insights from modern art and color theory in order to design some seriously harrowing spaces in Barcelona during Spanish Civil War that would now undoubtedly qualify as ‘techniques for enhanced interrogation’.

Crate of Curios part 1

As I am a self-confessed compulsive bookmarker, I figured that why not gather some of the best finds into little weekly dispatches. A flash in the pan? Perhaps, God knows I haven’t shown much staying power with any kinds of series thus far, yet I have been following curated blogs like ‘Brain Pickings‘ for years now.

So, let’s get started. The order is always going to be random.

  1. There is an excellent article on Reinhard Koselleck’s theory of repetition and rupture in history in Aeon, that is definitely worth reading to anyone with interest in the subject. I truly wish I had come across his books during my university years, as something about his main points reminds me of Lakoff & Johnson’s “Metaphors we live by”, which is another excellent book.

2. Francisco Fonseca is drawing marvellous fairy tale landscapes with castles. You can see them for yourself on his Instagram – here is a little sample.

3. Professional Artist Institute is going to have the second online Fine Artist Summit from September 25 – Oct 1. I followed the first one that they arranged last year and it is rather intense as they pack many presentations within a rather short time frame, but the arranger is one of the best interviewers I’ve come across. He keeps the questions short and to the point and lets the artists themselves elaborate on their thoughts, so one can genuinely enjoy the insights. Not to forget, all sessions are free to watch for the duration of the summit.

4. Did you know that Sweden used to have left-hand traffic until it was changed to right-hand on Dagen H  (the H day) or “Högertrafikomläggningen” as its full name goes on September 3rd, 1967?

5. And well, a delightful medieval image to top everything off. I do wonder if the visual focus of the image was intended.

That’s it for now, another batch next week!