Crate of Curios part 76 – a shirt of violent green

Time has passed by surprisingly fast and it’s just about time for a new Crate of Curios. The theme ‘a shirt of violent green’ comes from the R.E.M. song that my brother sent me some time ago – it made an impression as you can see, and sparked the brain into gear.

  1. First of all the theme song itself – R.E.M. “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?”
  2. Violent green apparently does exist as a particular colour and so do many other greens.
  3. “The Green Lady of Brooklyn”
  4. Noone did green like Tom Ford when he still designed for Gucci in 2004. Speaking of Gucci – “The House of Gucci” is absolutely worth watching.
  5. As Gucci and neon green lead us to the 90’s, ‘Dirty Lines‘ miniseries brings it all back.
  6. Why is the green room actually called the green room?
  7. An unbelievably steampunk computer powered by algae (unfortunately not in production yet).
  8. In northeastern India, some bridges are not built but grown.
  9. Book with only 50 words? No problem – want some ‘Green Eggs and Ham?’ (plus Dr. Seuss’ amazing illustrations)
  10. Nobody loved green like the postimpressionists and expressionists – from the left: Cezanne ‘In the woods’ (1885), Matisse ‘Montalban landscape’ (1918), Pissarro ‘Landscape at Pontoise’ (1882), Kirchner ‘Five women on the street’ (1913), Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso ‘Green landscape’ (1915)

So long and until the next Crate!