Crate of Curios part 43

After all the last weeks spent in the company of Bauhaus, now it’s time to turn our attention to something completely different. So today let’s take a tour to the rockabilly era and get acquainted with “the female Elvis” who rocked a platinum blonde pompadour together with slacks and Hawaiian steel guitar like nobody’s business. Introduction done, let’s get to opening this week’s Crate without further ado.

  1. Sparkle Moore who was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1936 as Barbara Morgan started playing rockabilly at local venues at about 1955 and quickly gained local fame. Her style was compared to James Dean and her musical style to Elvis Presley – however, unlike Presley, Sparkle Moore only released two singles before settling down to start a family and disappearing from the wider music stage.

2. Debt as a question of morality has been a polarizing discussion topic since the economic crisis started in 2008. However, its meaning has changed a lot since the days of the 18th century American colonists, who regarded it from the position of its utility.

3. Birds are supposedly known by their song. But how to you know a bird whose song is mimicking everything around it? Meet the lyrebird.

4. What makes conspiracy theories attractive for some people? Turns out it has something to do with a number of specific psychological biases.

5.. Ever wondered how people in other countries start their fairy tales? In somewhat similar yet rather different manner…

6. And to finish off for this week a little meditation comic by Judy Horacek.

And that’s it for this time. Happy reading and until next week!


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