Art Supply shops in Athens – Antoniadis

Art Antoniadis is a smallish shop on Zaimi and they cater primarily for painters – it is the only shop that carries a selection of large easels. Reading the reviews of the other art shops I feel like I’m doing Antoniadis an injustice because I don’t have so much to write, but the reason for it is plain and simple that I hardly use oils and recently haven’t used acrylics much either.


So, what have they got? (Occasionally they also do weekend open-air painting lessons, by the way.)


They have almost a full selection of both Van Gogh and Rembrandt half pans and also Van Gogh tubes if I’m not mistaken.

Coloured pencils

Actually I’m not even sure if they had any of those – might have been a few basic children’s sets, but definitely no more.

Gouache, tempera and acrylics

Everything from Royal Talens – full Rembrandt line and full Amsterdam line.

Oil paints

Same as acrylics, a full selection from Royal Talens – Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Art Creation and Cobra.


Amsterdam acrylic markers – nice touch, because I don’t think any other store carries this line.


Occasionally they have some brayers.

Paper and canvas

A small selection of blocks, mainly for sketching. They have different types of canvas both in rolls and stretched and also prepare stretched canvases for order.


Different types of large ones.

You can find out more about them on their website and Facebook page

Art supply shops in Athens – Plaisio

Plaisio has split its shop into three different ones on Stournari – there is one for stationery and computer-related stuff, one for office furniture and one for art supplies. As Plaisio is a chain store, they are one of the few, if not the only store, where the selection of art supplies is steady – meaning that their selection of brands and products is not large, but then again it does not change often.


So, what do they offer?


They have a good selection of Winsor and Newton half-pans and tubes (both Cotman and artist grade) as well as Ecoline liquid watercolors.

Coloured pencils

Full range of Othello dry pastel pencils, and Faber-Castell sets and individual pencils.

Gouache, tempera and acrylics

Full selection of Talens gouache tubes, full range of Van Gogh and Winsor and Newton small tubes of acrylics, Plaisio’s own Sentio range of acrylics in large bottles (250 ml) and recently they’ve also got a modest range of chalk paints. They also carry different painting mediums, both for oil, acrylic and watercolor.

Oil paints

Van Gogh and Winsor and Newton small tubes of oils, full range of both.


A rather incomplete selection of individual Promarkers, but a number of Promarker sets. A full range of Tombow markers and most importantly, Plaisio is one of the few places that always or nearly always has Sakura Pigma Micron fineliners (01, 02, 03, 04, 05 and 08) and they also have the range of Rotring technical pens.


They carry the best beginner set of lino carving tools – a box with 5 Sakura lino gouges. They also have some lino and a small selection of brayers, but no printmaking inks.


A steady selection of Winsor and Newton blocks, ranging from sketching paper to heavy cartridge to cold press (NOT) watercolor to canvas-textured oil and acrylic paper. I’m almost sure that they also have large sheets of Winsor and Newton NOT.


You can see their selection on their website.


Art supply shops in Athens – Art Center

Art Center is another one of the cluster of art supply shops on Stournari. Up till about a year ago (or more? not exactly sure right now) it used to occupy the smallish rooms on the corner of Stournari and Tzortz, now overtaken by ‘Β’ Art Cafe. It was a truly labyrinthine store, where one could discover all kinds of weird and wonderful things if you just bothered to look around long enough.

Now they’ve moved half a block down opposite to the newsstand (periptero) into larger rooms, but the labyrinth of shelves has recreated itself and offers equal joy of discovery. The steady customers of Art Center are architecture students, but they do have something for everyone.


So, what can you find in Art Center supply-wise?


Individual Van Gogh and Winsor and Newton half pans and various small sets – occasionally they have an excellent little Lukas pocket set that I haven’t noticed anywhere else. They also have a somewhat random selection of Ecoline liquid watercolors.

Coloured pencils

Rather good selection of different sets, and also individual Koh-I-Noor pencils.

Gouache, tempera and acrylics

Winsor and Newton small tubes. Back in the days they also used to have Pebeo gouache, but cannot remember if they still carry it. As far as acrylics go – there is a decent selection of Talens Amsterdam and a full range of Lukas.

Oil paints etc

Same with acrylics – there is a selection of Schmincke oils, but not a huge one. There is, however a selection of different gessoes in various price ranges. They also have a good range of Flame spray paints.


Almost a full range of Copic markers, some Winsor and Newton Promarkers, different blocks of marker paper.


Tiny random selection of printmaking inks, some student-level lino-and woodcutting tools, some embossing tools. A couple of brayers as well.

Paper and canvas

They have their own blocks of kraft and newsprint for sketching in different sizes (A5-A3), usually different Arches and Fabriano watercolor blocks and large sheets, Canson watercolor and sketching blocks and local black softcover sketchbooks that actually have very nice paper (tolerates even watercolor).
They’ve got some stretched canvases of smaller size.

You can find more details on their website or Facebook.


Best value for money watercolor papers


How it looks What it is Where to get it & how much it approximately costs
 fabriano-hot-press Fabriano Hot Press (smooth)

140 lbs/300gsm

Size – almost A4

They sometimes have it at Batis, block costs about 6-7€
 winsor-newton-heavy-cartridge Winsor & Newton Heavy Cartridge paper (smooth)

100 lbs/220 gsm

Available in A3, A4, A5

Always available in Plaisio, prices according to block size from about 5€ to 9€
 daler-rowney-sketchbook Daler – Rowney sketchbooks (a type of cold press, some texture)

109 lbs/160 gsm (thinner than others!)

Available in A5, A4, A3

They have it in Art Center, price about  4-9€ pr sketchbook depending on size. Something similar is available in A4 (shop next to Art Center), but the covers is either blank or says A4. Price should be similar to Art Center.
 fabriano-cold-press Fabriano Cold Press (some texture)

140 lbs/300 gsm

A bit larger than A4

Sometimes available in Batis, price was under 10€
 cotman-cold-press Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Block (cold press, some texture)

140 lbs/300 gsm

A bit larger than A4

Always available in Plaisio, price about 7-8€
 canson-xl-aquarelle Canson XL Aquarelle

(cold press, some texture)

140 lbs/300gsm

Available in A4 and A3

They often have it in Art Center, A4 block is about 9-10€. The block has 30 sheets (more than any other), so still a good price.
 canson-mix-media Canson Mix Media (rough, very textured)

140 lbs/300gsm

A3, A4 A5

I think they have this type in Iralu, an A4 block costs about 10€, but has 30 sheets.
 fabriano-extra-rough Fabriano Extra Rough

(interesting texture, possible to use pencil)

125 lbs/270 gsm

A3, A4

They often have it in Batis and Art Center, price is under 10€ for A4 block.
 winsor-newton-acrylic Winsor & Newton Acrylic Pad (originally not for watercolour, but gives interesting effect, canvas textured)

140 lbs/300 gsm

A5, A4, A3

Always available in Plaisio, prices about 5€ to 9€ depending on block size.

*** With this one, name of the producer is not important – if the cover says ‘CANVAS TEXTURED’, it’s the right kind.

 allilografia Letter paper (very thin, but works great with ink and also watercolour)


Sold in Ftinopolis on Athinas, in the basement. Price 1€/block
 reporters-notebook Reporters notebook (very thin, brownish paper, but white is also available). Works great with both ink and watercolour.

About A5 size

Sold in Ftinopolis on Athinas, in the basement. Price 0.50€/block



List of art supply stores in Athens – updated December 18/2021!

***I’m in the process of adding individual posts about all the shops, have re-checked all links (the ones no longer working are shown as unclickable) and added new shops to the list!

Batis – Stournari 29 (Exarchia) – (Greek and English, e-shop currently in re-development), Their Facebook page
Art Center – Stournari 37 (Exarchia) (Greek and English)
– Their Facebook page
Plaisio – Stournari 19 (Exarchia)
A4 (Panchroma) – Stournari 35 (Exarchia) (Χαρτοπωλειο), – – Their Facebook page
Markolefas – 28 Oktovriou (Patission) 36 & Solomou (Exarchia) (Χαρτοπωλειο) (only in Greek)
The Paper Place – Kolokotroni 27 (Monastiraki) – (Greek and English)- Their Facebook page
Art & Hobby – Praxitelous 31 (Monastiraki) (only in Greek and English)
– Their Facebook page
Avio – Ilidos 57 & Polygiroi (Ampellokipi) (only in Greek)
– Their Facebook page
Antoniadis – Zaimi 12 (Exarchia) (Greek and English)
– Their Facebook page
Paper1 – Em. Benaki 25 (Exarchia) (Χαρτοπωλειο)  (only in Greek) – Their Facebook page
Loukias (Legakis Mixail kai Sia EE) – Bouboulinas & Vasileos Irakliou (Exarchia), phone 21 0822 5082
Nikolatos (Χαρτοπωλειο) – Tzortz 12 (Exarcheia) (only in Greek)
Art-timeCLOSED as from 30/11/21! Ipeirou 5 (Exarchia), (Greek and English) -Their Facebook page
Revolt – Kinetou 2 (Monastiraki) – (only in Greek, but product names and categories in English) Their Facebook Page
Fat Cat Spraystore – Pittaki 6 (Psirri) – Their Facebook Page
Paco Art Center – Gymnasiou 30 (Nea Ionia) (they also have another shop in Koropi, see website), (in Greek and English) – Their Facebook page
Hartorama – Pelasgias 25 (Peristeri) (has other shops in other parts of Athens also, see website) (in Greek and English) – Their Facebook page
Hobbywood – Irakliou 167 (Nea Ionia) (has another shop in Egaleo, see website), (only in Greek) – Their Facebook page
Paperworld – online shop, sends everywhere in Greece (also has physical shop on Crete) (only in Greek) – Their Facebook page
Helidonis Art & Hobby – online shop (only in Greek), sends everywhere in Greece, – Their Facebook page
Art & Colour – online shop (only in Greek), sends everywhere in Greece (also has a physical shop in Kavala), Their Facebook page 
Rothko Art Supplies – Thessalonikis 121 (Moschato), online shop (only in Greek), Their Facebook page
Atlantis Art Materials – online shop (in Greek and English), sends everywhere in Greece (also has a physical shop in Thessaloniki), Their Facebook page 
PaperMarket Ferousi – Tsamadou 9 (Piraeus), online shop (only in Greek), Their Facebook page
Artmie – online shop (only in Greek), sends everywhere in Greece, Their Facebook page