The Mental Purge

It was already somewhat overdue. When the to-do-list is acquiring snake-like proportions and thus beginning to lose its essential purpose, it’s time to slow down, take a step back and think. Too many plans and ideas is a sign of lack or loss of direction, a scattered thought process and hence detrimental to getting anything valuable done.

So, it was time for a purge. What was I planning to do out of fear that there might otherwise be no income and what was I planning to do because I thought it was something worth saying? The list split into two near-equal parts. I didn’t actually throw the part with potential income-creating ideas – it went to the pinboard to hang there with its brothers and sisters. However, fear is no base for making decisions about what to create – it is most likely to lead to creating something of precious little value.

The mountain (as Neil Gaiman would put it), is visible again, now that rubbish has been cleared away. I can’t go on. I go on.

The most suitable song here is definitely Leonard Cohen’s “Slow”.