Crate of Curios part 3

Week 3 and still going… As it’s been a busy week, this one is rather light and cheery.

  1. The Awkward Yeti knows what makes us happy.

2. Hypothesis: Are carrots orange because of 17th century politics? Reply: M-m-m-maybe. Too bad that we so seldom get to see the other colors!

3. Apparently a team of scientists in University of Arkansas have developed a method of producing clean limitless energy from graphene.

4. How many porn stars pr million inhabitants does your country have? (limited to Europe, though)
Just FYI, the link is to the porn star database where numbers are from, so you won’t find more stats or maps there.

5. Tasmanian devils are back in Australia after three millennia of absence. May they live long and prosper and keep the local ecosystem in check.