Drum conversion and error D04-534

Finally a Christmas miracle! Second day into trying to convert one of my drums from Sunflower Yellow to Fluorescent Orange and at last I found a fix that worked.

The tutorial on Stencil.wiki seemed otherwise simple enough.

  • Insert new ink tube. – Check
  • Hold right and left position arrow keys down and turn on the machine. it will start in Test mode. – Check

and the error message D04-534 appeared. Apparently it means either that the ink tube is incompatible or the code at the bottom of the ink tube has been damaged, so the machine is unable to read it.

(I believe it was here in the sequence that the machine (it’s RZ570EP) for some reason locked the drum into its position, so it was not possible to move it either with the ink tube inside or removed. As the master roll also needed changing and the machine was prompting to have it replaced, I replaced it and after a few restarts the drum unlocked itself. I have no idea whether the master change had anything to do with it or the restarts (test mode and normal) fixed it. Either way it seems not to have been a mechanical, but a software issue of some kind.)

I turned the ink tube into unlocked position and the error message disappeared. So I tried to complete the steps from Stencil.wiki

  • entered 117 on number pad
  • pressed Start (green button)
  • pressed Stop (red button)
  • entered 890 on number pad
  • pressed Start (green button)
  • pressed Stop (red button)
  • pressed Reset (yellow button) shortly and restarted the machine (by switching it off and on)

First thing to appear – error message saying that ink tube was not detected or it was of the wrong type. (As the drum still wasn’t properly locked into position, it was hardly surprising, but as soon as I locked it, D04-534 error message reappeared.)

So, after some googling I found a slightly different fix from Fixya for a similar machine (RZ390UI) and this one also worked on mine.


  • enter Test mode by holding down left and right position arrow keys and turning on the machine
  • when the error message D04-534 shows, press yellow reset button
  • press ‘C’ on the number pad
  • enter 890 and press Start (green button)
  • when the machine beeps, press ‘C’ on number pad again and enter 112
  • when the machine beeps again, press yellow reset button and hold it down, so the machine will reboot

And voilá, after the reboot there stood ‘Fluoresc. Orange’ in the lower left corner of the display. As the colours are rather similar, I did not clean the drum, but will prefer to see how the transition phase will look on prints. The current ones are still sunflower yellow.

Merry Christmas!