Crate of Curios part 10

The Black Friday week is coming to an end, but as lately all the days have been blending into each other a few hours hardly make a difference. So, let’s open the Crate and check out the goodies of the first Advent!

  1. Starting out with the most legendary fashion icon in the world of art teaching – Cassie Stephens.

2. The Canadian due Chromeo (aka Funklordz) have used their quarantine time to produce a mini-album called ‘Quarantine Casanova’. Stream for your pleasure or get the album (no affiliation from my part whatsoever).

3. Many a writer has started their literary path from unemployment and odd jobs (J.K. Rowling, Stephen King and Charles Bukowski come to mind first, but there are plenty of others). The winner of Rooney Prize for Irish Literature in 2018, Caitriona Lally for instance was working as a janitor at the very same Trinity College that awards the prize.

4. Kei Nomiyama’s photographs of fireflies in Japan are a true thing of beauty.

5. As bookshops in most places are not considered ‘essential’, Tom Gauld gives some very handy advice for book-buying during lockdown.

That was it for this Crate. Hope it’ll entertain you for a bit and until next time!