Art supply shops in Athens – Batis

Athens has its share of little art supply shops tucked away in the city, and I’ve already made a post with the list over the ones I know (and for the most part have visited). Hence, now it seems as a logical next step to introduce them one by one and show what one can find in each. All the shops I’m going to write about, carry the typical art supplies like brushes, pencils, charcoal, drawing paper etc, so I see no reason to note down all that.

So, let’s start out with Batis, just because it is first on the list and I also visit it rather often. Batis is one of the art shops on Stournari in Exarchia, and their main specialty is Russian and Japanese art supplies. I’ll list what I can remember – do keep in mind that it’s a small shop, so they might not have all products in stock at all times.


What special supplies you can find in Batis:


St. Petersburg White Nights and Master Class and Kuretake Koi watercolors, both as set and individually – only pans. The newest addition is Golden QoR tubes (haven’t tried this brand yet, but they’re supposed to be super high-quality and highly pigmented). They also have Koh-I-Noor opaque watercolour sets sometimes, which are some of my personal favourites.
Excellent range of St. Petersburg paintbrushes, both natural and synthetic, and also various Japanese calligraphy brushes.

Gouache, tempera and acrylics

St Petersburg gouache (medium-size), Turner acrylic gouache (a great selection, both small tubes and large ones, some of my favourite paints) and Harding gouache (large only).

Oil paints

St. Petersburg Master Class and Charvin. (As I pretty much don’t work in oils, no additional comments about these.)


A whole shelf, including Molotow, Kuretake and Sennelier. In addition to that Kuretake markers and refills, Zig markers and various kinds of manga pens (fude and regular).


A selection of Kuretake markers.


They have a range of good Essdee brayers and cutting sets for lino, grey lino and a selection of inks – some small Charvin tubes and a large tubes of Brianclegg water-based printing ink.

Papers and canvases

Now to my favourite part – paper selection! A great selection of Hahnemühle blocks (both cold press, hot press and rough), some from Lana and Fabriano (sometimes hot press). Watercolour paper from St. Petersburg (cold press and other – their textures don’t always confirm to traditional hot press or rough options). Individual sheets of  Japanese Awagami paper (different kinds) and Garzapapel (a small yet gorgeous brand of Spanish watercolor paper).
They also prepare stretched canvases upon order!

Happy browsing!

You’ll find them online on their website, Facebook and Instagram.


List of art supply stores in Athens – updated December 18/2021!

***I’m in the process of adding individual posts about all the shops, have re-checked all links (the ones no longer working are shown as unclickable) and added new shops to the list!

Batis – Stournari 29 (Exarchia) – (Greek and English, e-shop currently in re-development), Their Facebook page
Art Center – Stournari 37 (Exarchia) (Greek and English)
– Their Facebook page
Plaisio – Stournari 19 (Exarchia)
A4 (Panchroma) – Stournari 35 (Exarchia) (Χαρτοπωλειο), – – Their Facebook page
Markolefas – 28 Oktovriou (Patission) 36 & Solomou (Exarchia) (Χαρτοπωλειο) (only in Greek)
The Paper Place – Kolokotroni 27 (Monastiraki) – (Greek and English)- Their Facebook page
Art & Hobby – Praxitelous 31 (Monastiraki) (only in Greek and English)
– Their Facebook page
Avio – Ilidos 57 & Polygiroi (Ampellokipi) (only in Greek)
– Their Facebook page
Antoniadis – Zaimi 12 (Exarchia) (Greek and English)
– Their Facebook page
Paper1 – Em. Benaki 25 (Exarchia) (Χαρτοπωλειο)  (only in Greek) – Their Facebook page
Loukias (Legakis Mixail kai Sia EE) – Bouboulinas & Vasileos Irakliou (Exarchia), phone 21 0822 5082
Nikolatos (Χαρτοπωλειο) – Tzortz 12 (Exarcheia) (only in Greek)
Art-timeCLOSED as from 30/11/21! Ipeirou 5 (Exarchia), (Greek and English) -Their Facebook page
Revolt – Kinetou 2 (Monastiraki) – (only in Greek, but product names and categories in English) Their Facebook Page
Fat Cat Spraystore – Pittaki 6 (Psirri) – Their Facebook Page
Paco Art Center – Gymnasiou 30 (Nea Ionia) (they also have another shop in Koropi, see website), (in Greek and English) – Their Facebook page
Hartorama – Pelasgias 25 (Peristeri) (has other shops in other parts of Athens also, see website) (in Greek and English) – Their Facebook page
Hobbywood – Irakliou 167 (Nea Ionia) (has another shop in Egaleo, see website), (only in Greek) – Their Facebook page
Paperworld – online shop, sends everywhere in Greece (also has physical shop on Crete) (only in Greek) – Their Facebook page
Helidonis Art & Hobby – online shop (only in Greek), sends everywhere in Greece, – Their Facebook page
Art & Colour – online shop (only in Greek), sends everywhere in Greece (also has a physical shop in Kavala), Their Facebook page 
Rothko Art Supplies – Thessalonikis 121 (Moschato), online shop (only in Greek), Their Facebook page
Atlantis Art Materials – online shop (in Greek and English), sends everywhere in Greece (also has a physical shop in Thessaloniki), Their Facebook page 
PaperMarket Ferousi – Tsamadou 9 (Piraeus), online shop (only in Greek), Their Facebook page
Artmie – online shop (only in Greek), sends everywhere in Greece, Their Facebook page