About me

pic with book2

So, who am I? A human being? An artist? A woman? All of those? Yes, all of those seems like the best bet. After all, as Bob Dylan so succinctly put it, all of us contain multitudes.

My name is Kristel and I’m an illustrator, born in another century in a state that no longer exists. (It sounds a touch more dramatic than it is, but as I like the inherent mystery of the sentence I use it wherever I can.)

After living abroad for 20 years now, I am among other things, also a permanent stranger. Born and raised in Estonia, I moved to Denmark when I was 18 and from there to Greece when I was 30. Now, almost a decade later, I’m still here admiring the nerantzi trees.

I have been illustrating professionally since 2014 – doing among other things wall art for company offices, illustrations for business books, website and blog illustrations for companies and book illustrations. My most extensive work thus far was the picture book (early reader) „Die Geschichte hinter dem Regenbogen” (The Story behind the Rainbow) – a story of two kings that go on a desperate journey in their great wish to have children. This project started out as self-published by the author, but was later picked up by Omnino Publishing in Berlin.

Besides client work I have been running life drawing classes in Athens since 2015 and I restarted my Etsy shop BonaramisArt where I sell prints of my work, in summer 2020.