About me

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My name is Kristel and I’m an illustrator and comics artist. I was born and raised in Tartu, Estonia. After high school I moved to Denmark, lived there for 12 years and moved to Athens, Greece, in 2012.

I studied History and Communication at Roskilde University and Comics at Vakalo College of Art and Design. My work has been exhibited at comics festival “Με πενάκι και σκαπάνη”, Impact HUB Athens and Art-Athina art fair. My comics have been published in the anthologies ‘Athens: the Comic Book’ 1 and 2, Stripburger magazine and Illustré magazine.

I liked to draw as a kid, but never considered becoming an artist. Later on I considered applying for the Academy of Arts in Tallinn, but didn’t do it as I didn’t believe I’d be talented enough. However, when I was 30, I made a decision to become an artist. I had tried other options that I liked, but nothing quite measured up. I moved to Greece and enrolled to an evening course of Comics at Vakalo College of Art and Design.

My favourite tools change from time to time, but deep down I love to mix different things. As far as colors are concerned I like the asceticism of a limited palette just as well as the opulence of a psychedelic rainbow. I love paper and work mostly by hand, using digital media only for touch-ups. Digital media for me is in essence a simulation, which begs a question – why make the second best when I could do the real thing? I believe that sense of touch and physically working with the materials are vital for creation.

My main inspiration stems from modernist period and Art Deco illustrations. I find the spirit of experimentation with form, colours and techniques of this time period is unsurpassed and a constant source of admiration.


Vakalo College of Art and Design – Associate degree in Comics (1-year program)

Roskilde University (RUC) – Master in History and Communication

Exhibitions and works:

Group exhibition with the authors of “Athens: The Comic Book”. Impact HUB Athens, May 2015
Festival “Με Πενάκι και Σκαπάνη”, July 2015
Art-Athina – International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens, June 2016
Festival “Με Πενάκι και Σκαπάνη”, July 2016
Web comic series ‘Scarecrow President’, written by Tom Thumb, 2017