Crate of Curios part 51

And finally-finally, this is the day! The Crate has been around for a whole year, opening its boxy jaws every week – to be honest I did not expect it to last this long or more precisely to keep producing it this long. Yet it’s still fun, so I guess I’ll just keep on doing it. Continuing with the South American series, this time we’ll go a long way back in time to look at some marvelous art.

  1. Cave paintings have fascinated the public for many years now and it looks like there a new name on the stage, stealing the spotlight from Lascaux. Amazon rainforest in Colombia has revealed a stunning wall of rock art dating back to the end of the last Ice Age. The discovery was in fact made 2 years ago, in 2019, but kept quiet as it was to be a part of a Channel 4 series “Jungle Mystery – Lost Kingdoms of the Amazon”. Despite the initial thrill of the discovery, the real work of analysis only just beginning in order to reveal and understand the meaning and significance of the drawings to the people living there at the time.

2. Decisions can occasionally be a real nuisance. The model of imagining them as one-way and two-way doors might make them more palatable.

3. If you happen to be an aficionado of Jules Verne or steampunk or bothLes Machines de l’Ile will be your next dream destination, full of giant mechanical wonders and machinery.

4. If you tend to wonder about the people who unerringly manage to pick out the edible parts of the greenery around them, here is your key to the mystery – Alexis Nikole Nelson and her TikTok account.

5. Not sure what you want to do with your life? Approach it like the mission of finding your ikigai.

6. And to finish off for this week – a little comic with Calvin and Hobbes from the master Bill Watterson himself.

And that’s it for this time. Happy reading and until next week!
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