Crate of Curios part 21

It’s already past midnight, Cinderella has left the ball and the realization that this week’s Crate is late is slowly dawning upon me. However, an effort of willful ignorance overpowers the embarrassment and the process commences. Hence, albeit slightly late, the Crate will be opened as if nothing had happened and as if it were still Sunday.

  1. It’s just about to be the time of the year that during “normal” times is one of the few occasions when one can legitimately sport a mask – indeed it’s Carnival time! And in Japan it’s possible to get a mask that’ll take one directly to the Uncanny Valley.

2. Walking is good for many reasons – not only for physical exercise, but it’s now been scientifically proven that walking also makes one more creative. The Dadaists also dedicated a lot of thoughts to the poetics and politics of walking in a city and seemingly got up to some rather surreal shenanigans themselves while practicing it.

3. As I already mentioned in connection with Ig Nobel prizes in the previous Crate, science when it’s done right involves great opportunities for laughter and wonder. A good example being the Nautilus Ocean Exploration team observing a gulper eel.

4. We all know that friends are important – but what about acquaintances, casual mates or the local newsagent? As it turns out, they are much more important for our mental welfare than we’ve ever realized.

5. The UK is a home to a great number of charming oddities and one of them is a crinkle crankle wall. As unusual as it looks, in fact it has a greater stability and strength than a regular straight brick wall.

And that was it for this time. Happy reading and until next week!


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