Crate of Curios part 19

It’s Sunday again and our weekend curfew has been moved up to 6 pm, but the weather gods have somewhat ironically been kind this weekend – the Halcyon Days are in full force, so we’ve enjoyed delightful spring temperatures. However, now it’s time to open the new Crate.

  1. Everyone needs to see Shetland ponies being dressed in hand-knitted jumpers.

2. Generally we think of depression as something entirely negative and disabling, but could there be an evolutionary upside to it? A new theory argues that it could have evolved as a survival technique. (Comic by the brilliant Hannah Hillam).

3. Mold is by and large a good sign that something is no longer fit to eat. Yet it’s an integral part of some delicacies like the Hungarian Tokaji wine where the botrytis fruit fungus is the component giving the wine its characteristic sweet taste and mild antiseptic properties.

4. Every creative person knows how difficult in can be to get started with a new project – and I mean really started, besides the preparation and research phase. Yet there’s no way around it – Khe Ky gives some very workable tips on how to get around the typical excuses. (Cartoon by the amazing Gemma Correll)

5. Art and science are usually not considered to be bedmates, yet they have had their moments. One of those involves the skeleton of a stegosaurus and Gary Larson’s ‘thagomizer’.

And that was it for this time. Happy reading and until next week!


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