Crate of Curios part 14

Here we are in a mellow after-Christmas mood, ready to open yet another Crate of Curios. So let’s get to it!

  1. Cats, as we all already know, are the rulers of Internet and generally fascinating creatures. Those among us who do not cohabit with any, might not even know that one of their strange features is chirping when stalking their prey. This is thought to be either an expression of frustration or excitement or a more or less successful attempt to mimic the sounds of the creature they happen to be hunting. Ekekekkekkek has a great collection of the chirps on Instagram, but this feature is not unique for house cats, as proven by this Chilean güiña.

2. How came there always seems to be a little room left for dessert no matter how much you’ve eaten before? The culprit is to be found in our hormonal system.

3. Could the color of dried blood ever be fashionable with anyone except vampires? Well, in fact it has had its heyday in royal court.

4. This beauty is the very rare South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher.

5. Did you know how the different types of screw drives are called? Me neither before I found this nifty little chart.

And that was it for this time. Happy reading and until the next Crate that’ll be opened already in 2021!

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