Crate of Curios part 13

This week has passed unnoticeably as the lockdown lasts – days merge into a mellow river of time recently illuminated by the lonely Christmas lights on the streets. In short, it’s Sunday again and time to open a new Crate! So, here we go without further ado.

  1. If you for whatever reason happen to be wondering what the national animals of European (and its neighbouring) countries might be, you can see all of them on this gorgeous map (link leads to larger resolution version).

2. The maddening crowd might be everywhere – especially if one happens to be an urban dweller, but there are still places in the world where you can in a very literal sense get away from it all. Tristan da Cunha, the tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic, is even more remote than Napoleon’s geographical prison St. Helena.

3. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the recently passed US Supreme Court Justice, was known both for her tireless work to advance women’s rights and her sublime sense of fashion expressed by her robe collars.

4. To put it shortly – “Man has no garden, creates a stunning nano pond.” The man in question is ethnobotanist James Wong.

5. Lest we forget that writers are also humans who eat, The Paris Review is running a fascinating column called ‘Writers’ Fridges’.

And that was it for this time. Happy reading and until next week!

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