Crate of Curios part 6

Slightly late this time, but forthcoming nevertheless! This time the Crate will be filled with several scientific questions, among other things.

  1. For instance… how many holes do everyday items like rubber bands have? This also reminded me of a wonderful children’s book about holes.

2. The Soviet Union used to entice outside tourists with gorgeous posters like this one from 1958.

3. How come some children can flourish regardless of surrounding environment and others seem to be highly dependent of having the right kind of conditions to bloom? The dandelion and orchid theory offers a possible explanation.

4. Apparently there are now nifty bike helmets with inbuilt lights just in time to counter the winter darkness.

5. Doorkins Magnificat, the resident stray feline of Southwark Cathedral passed away. They held her a lovely memorial service that I really recommend to listen.

That’s it for this time, but the next Crate of Curios will be on its way soon!

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