Crate of Curios part 10

The Black Friday week is coming to an end, but as lately all the days have been blending into each other a few hours hardly make a difference. So, let’s open the Crate and check out the goodies of the first Advent!

  1. Starting out with the most legendary fashion icon in the world of art teaching – Cassie Stephens.

2. The Canadian due Chromeo (aka Funklordz) have used their quarantine time to produce a mini-album called ‘Quarantine Casanova’. Stream for your pleasure or get the album (no affiliation from my part whatsoever).

3. Many a writer has started their literary path from unemployment and odd jobs (J.K. Rowling, Stephen King and Charles Bukowski come to mind first, but there are plenty of others). The winner of Rooney Prize for Irish Literature in 2018, Caitriona Lally for instance was working as a janitor at the very same Trinity College that awards the prize.

4. Kei Nomiyama’s photographs of fireflies in Japan are a true thing of beauty.

5. As bookshops in most places are not considered ‘essential’, Tom Gauld gives some very handy advice for book-buying during lockdown.

That was it for this Crate. Hope it’ll entertain you for a bit and until next time!

Crate of Curios part 9

Winter is slowly approaching, everything is still closed and so to alleviate the inevitable boredom, here comes the new Crate of Curios.

  1. ‘All roads lead to Rome’ is not just a flippant expression. Romans built a lot of roads. Chances are you didn’t even know just how many.

2. Same-sex behaviour is common in animal kingdom and scientists are now starting to investigate a new approach to studying it, starting with the question ‘What are its potential evolutionary benefits?’

3. I am a huge fan of the new trend of music videos with beautiful displays of lyrics. It was long overdue! Dua Lipa has brilliant lyrics videos to all the songs on her latest ‘Future Nostalgia’ album, but also Sofi Tukker and Doja Cat have some eye candy to present.

4. Tom Fishburne knows exactly how planning happens in 2020.

5. Gingerbread houses are so last year. This time around we go for a charcuterie chalet instead. (These particular ones are by jisookangg and ifIcouldmarryfoodIwould)

And that’s it for this time. Happy reading and until next week!

Crate of Curios part 8

The quarantine is on and the Crate is here again to provide some much-needed mental respite. So let’s get right to it!

  1. The shortest novel ever written is supposedly by Ernest Hemingway and consists only of 6 words – “For sale: baby shoes never worn.” Alternatively, there is a equivalent in Spanish by Augusto Monterroso called El Dinosaurio (‘The Dinosaur’) that says Cuando despertó, el dinosaurio todavía estaba allí. ((“When he awoke, the dinosaur was still there.”). Following this honourable tradition, Six Word Memoirs provides both reading and options to try one’s hand in squeezing a life into 6 words only.
  2. Colors and different combinations of them have captured the imagination of people since they were painting on cave walls and Public Domain Review has gathered a fascinating collection of historical color charts.

3. Being an artist in the (formerly) socialist countries was often not an easy feat. However, on occasion, there seem to have been unexpected ways to accommodate them – such as building rooftop ateliers into standard residential housing.

4. The Japanese have a horticulture technique called daisugi and it looks absolutely fascinating.

5. To see some truly captivating animal photography, look no further than to the portfolio of Harman Singh Heer or his Instagram.

Crate of Curios part 7

Time for another Crate of Curios to sweeten out time during this second lockdown!

  1. First of all, let’s start with a little poetry spamming.

2. Our knowledge about Australia just grew richer as they discovered two new species of marsupials. And they are just as cute as one would expect.

3. The Dutch have come up with an invention that might change your whole winter – chocolate wine.

4. Philosophy peppered with a bit of psychology can help us find intellectually dependable and trustworthy people.

5. If you still didn’t know how marijuana looks like, here you go.

That’s all for now, until the next Crate!

Crate of Curios part 6

Slightly late this time, but forthcoming nevertheless! This time the Crate will be filled with several scientific questions, among other things.

  1. For instance… how many holes do everyday items like rubber bands have? This also reminded me of a wonderful children’s book about holes.

2. The Soviet Union used to entice outside tourists with gorgeous posters like this one from 1958.

3. How come some children can flourish regardless of surrounding environment and others seem to be highly dependent of having the right kind of conditions to bloom? The dandelion and orchid theory offers a possible explanation.

4. Apparently there are now nifty bike helmets with inbuilt lights just in time to counter the winter darkness.

5. Doorkins Magnificat, the resident stray feline of Southwark Cathedral passed away. They held her a lovely memorial service that I really recommend to listen.

That’s it for this time, but the next Crate of Curios will be on its way soon!