Crate of Curios part 5

All of a sudden it’s weekend and here we go again with the weekly treasure chest.

  1. As someone incredibly prone to overthinking any art-making, I was very happy to come across this quote by Any Warhol.

2. For those of us with less-than-green fingers, but adoration for house plants, The Laidback Gardener provides a handy yet relaxed guide on how to handle them.

3. Google is soon about to provide a way to get those earworms out of the brain with its ‘hum to search’ feature.

4. Considering how much talk there is about the benefits of eating lots of fiber, do you know what it actually does in the organism? No? Well, read here which different types of fiber there are and how each of them works.

5. Here is Betty Fox jumping rope pretty high up above the ground probably in 1949. But that was not the only thing she and her partner Benny Fox got up to – they actually did whole acrobatics and dance routines at 20 floors’ height.

And that’s it for this time – until next week!

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