Crate of Curios part 4

Loads of material to choose from this week, so there’ll be a bit of everything from bad geography jokes to Covid science.

  1. This week was the first time when I heard the term ‘poetry spamming’ – meaning commenting on someone’s social media post with verses and I think it should become a thing asap. This was the verse in question (by Edna Vincent St. Millay)

2. Does sunlight make you sneeze? Ever wondered why? So do the scientists at Oxford – you can help them with their research by taking a short survey.

3. #badgeographyjoke of the week.

4. Why do some people not get sick from Covid-19? So far the leading theory has been that they simply have better immune systems. However, perhaps it is just the opposite.

5. A decrepit house in Prague has revealed a lifetime’s worth of work by Jewish painter Gertrud Kauders.

And that was it. Until next week!

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