Art Supply shops in Athens – Antoniadis

Art Antoniadis is a smallish shop on Zaimi and they cater primarily for painters – it is the only shop that carries a selection of large easels. Reading the reviews of the other art shops I feel like I’m doing Antoniadis an injustice because I don’t have so much to write, but the reason for it is plain and simple that I hardly use oils and recently haven’t used acrylics much either.


So, what have they got? (Occasionally they also do weekend open-air painting lessons, by the way.)


They have almost a full selection of both Van Gogh and Rembrandt half pans and also Van Gogh tubes if I’m not mistaken.

Coloured pencils

Actually I’m not even sure if they had any of those – might have been a few basic children’s sets, but definitely no more.

Gouache, tempera and acrylics

Everything from Royal Talens – full Rembrandt line and full Amsterdam line.

Oil paints

Same as acrylics, a full selection from Royal Talens – Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Art Creation and Cobra.


Amsterdam acrylic markers – nice touch, because I don’t think any other store carries this line.


Occasionally they have some brayers.

Paper and canvas

A small selection of blocks, mainly for sketching. They have different types of canvas both in rolls and stretched and also prepare stretched canvases for order.


Different types of large ones.

You can find out more about them on their website and Facebook page

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