Rain gray

It was dark the whole day today. Grey overcast sky, wet streets, cold… This humidity creeps right into your bones. Fingers turn slowly into a ghastly shade of bluish purple and refuse to warm up no matter how much you rub them together. Luckily steki has heating, so the classroom was warm – I do wonder how they pay for it, when many residential buildings go completely without. The state would do well to subsidize changing heating systems to gas or any other renewables instead of compensating heating oil.But I reckon that it’s too much trouble considering that it’s an issue only about 3 months a year.

Some of the younger students almost fell asleep in the class – many of them live in squats where there’s no heating and keep their coats and scarves on even in class. I remember this feeling – coming in from the cold wet outdoors, perhaps not having slept much, you sit down, it’s warm, the other students’ voices are humming around you, it is so tempting to close the eyes just for a bit – in fact it’s stronger than temptation, it’s irresistible, the body takes over and demands what rightfully belongs to it – sleep. I used to nod off quite often in my Greek classes. I remember how in my first year here, I used to go to work half an hour earlier every morning, just for the warmth – as my tiny old electric radiator managed to warm up only my toes.

Before moving to Greece, I used to chuckle over my Southern university friends’ complaints of cold winter weather. “10 degrees? Cold? Really? Estonian winters are way colder.” Little did I know about the heating issue and neither did it occur to me to ask.

It doesn’t help that I’m trying to have a coffee-free week – black tea doesn’t have the same strength to keep me going… Frankly, I just want the winter to end.

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