Day 1

Just like there are days when my fingers are simply itching to write, there are other days, days when a mere thought of committing anything to a paper or screen seems abominable. What is there to say? Between what’s too personal, too mundane and too much said already? What can I possibly add to this great tsunami of information called the internet? Why does it even matter what I would say if I said something?

Today is Day 1 of a new world order. How will it be – or rather – how bad will it be? Nobody knows. We’re floating in the unknown, grasping to straws of what seems to be sanity. Women are marching today all over the world – it is comforting to see there’s so many of us. It gives hope – along with the fact that the victories of conservatism were narrow everywhere, a matter of margins, now presenting themselves as sole victors. I believe it was Asimov’s “Foundation” that described a similar situation in the beginning. The Empire, seemingly stronger than ever, had already had the disease of decay planted deep in its heart.

Now, once I started, it got easier. Writing, I mean. I will try to do it more frequently again.

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