Treasure hunt vs real hunt

The second post from the old blog. I still remember that train ride. Lausanne ThatCamp in 2011 was perhaps the most interesting conference I’ve ever attended – a new form of academic event organization; more free, chaotic and way less streamlined than any traditional conference, but the enthusiasm of the participants was palpable.


On my way back from THATCamp Switzerland, I took the night train from Basel to Copenhagen. This journey takes approximately 15-16 hours and allows plenty of time for reflection, as there is hardly anything else to do. CNL is no Orient Express. At least the five remaining inhabitants of my sleeping car reached a tacit consensus of going to sleep at about 21.00. Given that the attempts of reading before that had been punctuated by electricity disappearing and reappearing at random intervals, it was understandable. So, as the sweet old lady sleeping on the cot underneath mine was snoring like Hulk Hogan, I spent a considerable part of the night musing about different things (including premeditated murder).

Still, most of my reflections circled around the questions of digital sources and the changing role of a historian in the increasingly digital world. So I tried to map out the differences…

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