How it all began

Found my old blog from 2011, only thanks to the fact that I had saved a link to it on So, as the questions I set out to ponder back then still interest me, I’ll reblog the existing posts to my current blog and hopefully continue.


The thought of writing a blog about digital history has been lurking in my mind for some time, however, procrastination got the best of me in terms of finally starting it. There was always something more urgent to do whenever I sat down to open WordPress and write the first post – mail to be answered, pictures to be reposted, news to be read, you name it.

Why did I decide to start a blog about digital history? The main reason actually dates back to Wikileaks and the CableGate. On January 8th, one of Denmark’s largest newspapers, Politiken, published an article about CableGate and added a link to a selection of cables that the readers could access. Reading this article made me think – this material would be gold for future historians. However, how could they actually find it? What are the chances that the link would still work in…

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