So…this is how it starts

Essentially as my work and interests have a tendency to branch out in different (and occasionally unrelated) directions, it makes much better sense to have one place where to write down the notes and thoughts instead of making a separate social media site for each. As some of them might have some use for others with similar interests, it is practical to have a blog instead of a notebook.

For instance, some topics I’m planning to touch upon in this blog are risograph printing, gesture drawing (commonly known as croquis), paper, different artistic techniques, artists and illustrators, whose work I find inspirational, thoughts about trying to make a living as a freelance illustrator and artist and so on and so forth.

There are also particular reasons behind every topic. Approximately six months ago I got a risograph printer with three colour drums. Printing hand-drawn work with it has shown some very specific issues and challenges so far, that I’ll intend to work on and solve as much as possible.

Writing about inspiring artists and interesting techniques is mainly intended as self-education and gathering interesting resources in one place. As a near-compulsive bookmarker of websites, my “archive” is also in desperate need of some cleaning out.

Organising gesture drawing (croquis) lessons has also at times shown a need for handy study materials for explaining basic concepts of anatomy and different drawing methods.

Besides bookmarking, I’m also a collector of different kinds of artist paper – however, considering the importance of paper when working with watercolour and risograph, this is probably no surprise.

Last but not least, developing both one’s artistic style and trying to make a living making art are fascinating processes that can take quite some time. I intend to share the resources I’ve found that help to speed it up and share my own contemplations and experiences on the topic.